34-year-old mother of five battling leukemia hospitalized with COVID-19

September 24, 2020

    After being diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year, a mother of five has revealed she’s tested positive for coronavirus.

    Tia Bee Mele Stokes, a 34-year-old social media influencer known for sharing clips dancing through her chemotherapy appointments, took to Instagram to announce her COVID-19 diagnosis.

    “Asking for prayers more than ever right now and Love...my medical team is always concerned for me and ran some tests....my tests came back and I tested positive for Covid,” Stokes captioned a photo of herself laying in a hospital bed. “Covid + Cancer.”

    Stokes was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in April.

    In another video, she disclosed that her five children have had to quarantine due to being exposed to the novel virus, but do not have COVID, reported Health.com.

    "I have so much guilt right now," she said in regards to having potentially put her family at risk.

    With her immunity compromised due to cancer, Stokes described some of the symptoms she has been experiencing.

    "I have zero energy, I have body aches, headache non-stop, sore throat, my cough has gotten worse, mucus, nausea,” she detailed.

    Due to the leukemia, doctors won’t give her any additional treatments for the virus.

    “The drs have just told me that any of the treatments they would give me would ruin my chances at a bone marrow transplant so my body needs to try and fight it on its own,” Stokes wrote on Instagram.

    Despite her medical situation, Stokes is keeping a positive outlook.

    “I know there’s a miracle in this,” she continued. “Love you my tribe and I know God has got me.”

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