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14 1 Thing to do at Home

14 easy 1Things to do at home

1Thing is an Entercom Initiative of doing 1 thing to help the environment in which we all live. With Austin's goal for Zero Waste by 2040 , each 1Thing is a Big Win! A few days ago the Entercom ATX Green Team was given the opportunity to turn in a photo of '1Thing to do at Home'. They would also... Read More

Here's Where You Can Order Your Thanksgiving Meal in ATX

If you're like me you probably thought cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year would be so easy because it's way scaled back and that means you can make whatever you want! But you know what's even easier than that? Not cooking at all! Here's where you can order everything you want for a traditional... Read More
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5 tips for throwing an eco-fabulous event

When asked to organize an event, whether it's during the holidays or anytime of the year, there are many things to take into consideration. Making sure the event runs smoothly and is enjoyable and fun. Making it eco-fabulous should also be on the must-do list for an event. All events create waste,... Read More
Bob's Beer Can Bar a 2020 1Thing at Home

Help reach ATX's goal of Zero Waste with 1Thing at Home

As we continue to work more from home, it is good to do 1Thing practices. With ATX going for the goal of Zero Waste by 2040 , here are 5 exercises from our friends at the Austin Resource Recovery that we can do at home, and with our families. We can stretch our 1Thing muscles to help the... Read More

Central Health: ACA Coverage Stays Intact for 2021, Enroll Early

Central Health, Central Health-funded CommUnityCare Health Centers, Foundation Communities and United Way 2-1-1 are teaming up to remind Travis County residents to sign up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace. The open enrollment period for health... Read More
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Unexpected things that can be compost

Composting is a great way to get rid of food scraps, and avoid more wasted food in landfills. The holidays tend to create more waste. While keeping up w/ the food scrap composting, here are several other items that you may be able to compost. Give it a try before trashing them. Make it a #1Thing... Read More


The Zilker Holiday Tree has been a part of the Austin Landscape since 1967 and some say that you're not a true Austinite until you've spun yourself dizzy while looking up at the lights. If the tree lighting ceremony has become a tradition in your family, you can still take part but you'll be doing... Read More
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If you like eating and/or serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but hate all that it takes to pull one together, take-out may be the answer for you. Going to HEB on Wednesday, November 25th is the last thing that anyone wants to do. Avoid the shopping, prep, cooking and cleaning by outsourcing... Read More