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rob lowe on stage

7 Austin-ish Shows to Binge Watch Right Now

You've finished Tiger King and I'm forced to wait until Sunday night for the next episode of West World. What should we be bingeing now while we're working (or pretending to work) from home? Curbed Austin suggests seven Austin related shows.... jz 7 Austin-related TV shows to binge right now https... Read More
painting a mural outside

What's Up with these New Austin Murals?

Have you seen these murals popping up in some notable Austin places? Maybe you have questions, here are some answers. jz Here’s something to check out later on, when it’s safer to go outside — Downtown Austin has two new large-scale murals made by @OBEYGIANT , @Chevrier_Sandra , and Sadé Lawson. #... Read More

City of Austin Closes More Park Amenities due to COVID-19

City of Austin closes more park amenities including basketball and tennis courts as well as skate parks. However, parks do reamain open. Water fountains and restrooms also remain open. jz Basketball and tennis courts are closed, but restrooms and water fountains will remain open. Read More
Food in trash bag

8 Things to do to Help Stop Food Waste

Americans waste 40% of food that is produced each year.If Food Waste was a country, it would be the 3rd Largest Country in the World! Just a taste of what the numbers come out to when it comes to Food Waste. If we want to cut down on food getting trashed, we have to rethink the way we shop, cook... Read More