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7 Things to Keep to create functional spaces in your home

We've all been spending more time in our homes, and noticing things that need to be replaced or fixed. If it can't be fixed, rather than tossing it, reuse or repurpose it. Turning it into an item that creates more function in your living space. Avoiding a landfill, and making your home easier to... Read More
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27 Biofriendly Fun Things to do this Summer

Happy Summer! It's a great time to unplug and enjoy some family time in the great outdoors. Biofriendly fun is perfect for Mama Earth and your family, while being social distancing friendly. A Big Win for all. Take some family time with the beauty of nature. You'll be amazed what you can experience... Read More

Here's How You Can Get Tested for COVID-19

If you want or need a Covid-19 test, Central Health-affiliated CommUnityCare Health Centers is offering drive-up COVID-19 testing. The person getting tested never even leaves their car. The medical staff conduct the test through the window – while wearing personal protective gear. They know the... Read More
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Beautiful Black-Owned Sustainable and Ethical African Brands

African fashion has a rich heritage that includes handweaving, embroidery, spinning, embellishment and so much more. It's inspired by the beauty of the continent of Africa and all it's natural resources. Many Black-owned brands showcase African eco-conscious designs that are both sustainable and... Read More
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Making Summer Scrumptious with these Vegan Recipes

Delish released some yummy Vegan recipes that can make your Summer a Scrumptious one. You've got mains, sides, snacks and desserts. Let's start with dessert. 27 Delish Actually Delicious Vegan Recipes Death By Chocolate N'ice Cream Vegan Chipolte Lentil Tacos Sweet Potato Chips Vegan Lasagna Fluffy... Read More


We may now know why Kelly Clarkson listed her California home a hew weeks ago. Apparently she and her husband are divorcing. Take a peek inside and see how an American Idol lives. The home is said to have two dish washers. How many does your home have, not including yourself? jz BREAKING: Kelly... Read More
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A Dozen Dad's Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Dad's day is Sunday, June 21st. Here are a dozen gift ideas that have been thoughtfully designed and crafted with care with dads in mind. Plus other people and the planet. It's a 1Thing gift shopping win. Cheers to Dads! A Dad's Dozen Picks: Dedcool Fragrance 05 Spring / Credo Gender- neutral... Read More