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#WalkwithMeAustin. Yara Shahidi empowering young voters.

What will it take to make a positive impact in the ATX community towards racial justice? There are many answers that include learning, communicating, understanding and respecting the differences and similarities we all have. By discovering so many helpful resources for creating positive changes... Read More
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How Photography is raising Climate Change Awareness

Is 'Climate Change' real? Photographer James Whitlow Delano has spent a majority of his life travelling the world snapping photos that show the answer. His travels take him around the world, talking to climatologists and marine biologists and learning about many cultures. Delano was inspired many... Read More
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Best Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizers that Kill Coronavirus

Hand sanitizers have become a much needed quality of life and health item. The CDC requires that a hand sanitzier must have at least 60% alcohol in it to effectively kill the Coronavirus. There are many types of hand sanitizers that work, as well as many that are bad for you and the environment. It... Read More

The Texas Book Festival Goes Virtual This Year With A Great Lineup

Laura Bush co-founded the Texas Book Festival in 1995 with Mary Margaret Farabee and every year since it has drawn major literary talent and celebs to Austin. In previous years it has included Malcolm Gladwell, John Grisham, Sandra Cisneros, US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and even Tom... Read More

Sunday Is Austin Museum Day

Things will look a little different this year because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Some museums will participate virtually but there is still lots to see and enjoy. Click here for are all the details you need. Austin Museum Day 2020 Kicks Off With Array Of Events, Activities Read More
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Plogging for ATX and the Planet

The 1st Virtual TrashDash Plog happens Sunday, September 20. Plogging is the combo of picking up litter while jogging (walking works too) . No matter where you are, you can help stop littering in your community. It goes with the 2nd Annual Trash Dash Plog created by Keep America Beautiful. Grab a... Read More