Shanna Lockwood

Austin May Be Getting Serious about Cracking Down on E Scooters

The City Is Considering Speeding Tickets for E Scooter Riders

March 19, 2019

If you've been on a sidewalk in Austin in the psat year, you've probably had a near miss or two with a dockless scooter wizzing past.  You've also seen multiple riders on one scooter (that's not what they meant when they said Shared Scooter) and even young children riding them against the rules.  You may even be guilty of violating the user agreement yourself.  Helmets?  Hike and Bike Trail?  I plead the fifth.

However, it looks like the City of Austin is starting to get serious aboaut enforcemnt and bringing some law and orfer to the Wild West, anyting goes mentality of dockless e scooters and the people riding them.  The Statesman reports that Austin is considering new scooter parking restrictions, banning cell phone use while riding and even giving the APD the authority to issue speeding tickets to scooter operators.  That could make your cheap ride on a shared scooter less cheap.