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Want to know what Phoebe wrote to protect Ross' sandwich?

Haven't you always wondered what was in that spicy note she gave to Ross to keep colleagues from eating his lunch? After Phoebe wrote that note everyone at the museum started calling Ross 'Mental Geller.' And not in a good way, though he didn't realize it. Co-creator David Crane was asked at the... Read More

Remake the Princess Bride? Worst thing Ive ever heard

An offhand comment by the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment that some "very famous people" in Hollywood want to remake the classic film that is The Princess Bride got absolutely everyone all riled up. For a long time now it's been obvious that tinsel town would rather bet on something that's... Read More

Jennifer Lawrence, married, city hall, cooke maroney

But she's still gonna have an awesome wedding, most likely out of the country. When you get married someplace fabulous like Italy or France or the Seychelles you may not be automatically married back home in the USA. There can be a tangle of paperwork involved, depending on the country, so lots of... Read More

TAKE THE POLL: Do tomatoes belong in guacamole?

People are usually not middle of the road on this topic. They are either strongly for, or strongly against tomatoes in the guac and with good reason. It completely changes the flavor profile and the texture. I am firmly anti-tomato and believe nothing should compete with the delicous creaminess of... Read More

Felicity Huffman, 2 wweks in jail, fair or not, poll

Felicity Huffman was sentenced today for her role in the college admissions scandal nicknamed Operation Varsity Blues. Initially prosecutors wanted her to serve a minimum of 4 months in jail but they backed off bigtime and ask the judge that she serve just 1 month. Her legal team was trying to get... Read More

Demi Moore, nude, harpersbazaar, fifty-something, fabulous

Actors appear nude a lot but that doesn't mean it's easy. And you have to think posing nude after the age of 50 would be fraught with even more insecurities. But here's Demi Moore making it look easy and beautiful. View this post on Instagram Baring all for the October issue of @harpersbazaarus --... Read More

Pink daughter, sassy haircut, carey hart

Carey Hart shared a photo of his daughter getting her locks chopped off with a terrific caption that reminds us all to embrace our individuality. You and I probabaly know at least a few fathers who wouldn't feel great about their 8 year-old daughter getting a sassy cut like this. Check out the... Read More

All wide receivers are prima donnas except DeAndre Hopkins

It's been an interesting week and a half of choices for Antonio Brown and that got me thinking. I'm not a football expert but I watch with my husband because it's only fair, since he lets me drag him to chick flicks (also, the tight pants). And I can't help overhear when the boys are going on and... Read More

Meghan watch Serena US Open

Elite athletes can be a superstitious bunch. We've all heard stories about people who thought it could be bad luck to change socks until a tournament was over or making sure they ate the same thing for breakfast every day. Well, it seems that some in Serena's camp are a bit nervous about the... Read More

Ed Sheeran goes to concerts dressed as Spiderman so no one b

When you're super-famous and beloved it must be hard to do any of the regular stuff we take for granted, like going to a live show. Ed Sheeran likes a live performance just as much as the rest of us -- maybe more, considering -- but how can he soak up the energy of the crowd and enjoy the show... Read More