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Pink, Alecia Moore, Beautiful Trauma Tour

Stars are just like us. Take 'em to a Buc-cee's and they will love it. Talk to a Texan about Buc-cee's and you'll hear a level of passion that is perplexing, especially when you realize they're talking about a place where you can get some gas and a snack. It's an experience one has to have before... Read More

People Magazine sexiest man alive, whos sexiest

Easy decision? Not so fast. You really have to get a good look at all the covers to compare them properly. So Ranker asked users to do exactly that --- have a look-see and rate the sexiest one. So far, of all the covers dating back to 1985, Ryan Reynolds' cover is at the top of the list. If you're... Read More

Admissions scandal, Angela Bassett, 911

Angela went to public school and then went on to Yale undergrad and THEN went back for graduate school a few years later. She was the only person in her family to go to both college and graduate school and since it worked for her, she doesn't see why it shouldn't work for her children as well... Read More

Kelly Clarkson surprises a superfan,

This is why if we ever knew Kelly Clarkson in real life, we would totally be friends with her. While performing in Boston last week Kelly surprised a superfan by inviting her to join her onstage and the reaction was simply too precious for words. Skip ahead to the 12:00 mark if you're pressed for... Read More

Adele, Robyn concert, Palladium

Stars really are just like us. Adele went to a Robyn concert recently at The Palladium in Los Angeles and she sang along enjoying every magical moment just like you or I would have. A post shared by Adele (@adele) on Feb 24, 2019 at 1:41am PST Don't you love her reaction?!! That's such a great song... Read More

Lea Michele, Zandy Reich, married

Remember 6 or 7 years ago when Cory Monteith died suddenly of an accidental overdose? Lea Michele seemed like she might never be able to smile again. But life does go on after tragedy and she did find love again -- with clothing executive, Zandy Reich, and they were married over the weekend. A post... Read More

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, engagement ring

Not one to be accused of being understated, Jennifer Lopez's 4th engagement ring is everything you would expect and more. People are estimating that the emerald cut stone is approximately 15-carats. To put that into perspective, Prince Rainier gave Grace Kelly an 11-carat emerald cut stone when... Read More

Drew Barrymore, Flower Beauty, New Beauty

Pretty great reminder that in our youth obsessed culture that aging is not a foregone conclusion. Drew Barrymore has a terrific new interview in New Beauty and she's talking about the values she wants her two daughters to embrace. "It’s not about aging, it’s about how I am on the inside. There’s... Read More

Alex Trebek, pancreatic cancer, Jeopardy

He's 78 years-old and we've all come to love him as the wry yet sincere host of Jeopardy. And he received some shocking news just this week. Most people might take some time to digest this news or even take a few days off work. He didn't waste any time sharing it with the world. Video of A Message... Read More