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Guess who's getting married this weekend?

In general, I'm not a fan of the summer wedding, especially in Texas. All you can think about is the heat! BUT, this is one summer wedding I would've loved to attend. It's always super chic to fly to Scotland just for a wedding but when the bride grew up there, in an actual castle -- that's as cool... Read More

Cher dishes on her romance with Tom Cruise and it's delicious!

When it comes to stuff like this, I like to think I'm in the know, but I had no idea Cher and Tom once had a thing. It happened in the 80's when she was 39 years old and he was 23. How perfect! And Cher remembers the experience very fondly, even if she might not remember exactly everything she's... Read More

Calum Scott's version of 'Dancing On My Own' will change your life.

Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" is one of my favorite songs. I heard it over the weekend in Banana Republic and it made me feel like a "super-cool-and-sassy-chick-capable-of-anything-but-currently-choosing-to-keep-it-low-key-on-a-shopping-spree." It wasn't true, of course, but music has that affect on... Read More

What does the shape of your diamond say about your personality?

Have you noticed celebs getting engaged lately seem to prefer one diamond shape over all the others? You might have thought it was the new trend, but maybe they're just gravitating toward the shape of stone that best expresses who they are. So what does the shape of your stone say about you? If you... Read More

If you thought Kelly lost weight hittin' the gym, guess again.

If you saw this past season of The Voice, you saw a shrinking Kelly Clarkson. She's now revealed what she's changed about her lifestyle to get these results and you'll be glad to know it doesn't involve a single burpee. Here's what she said in an interview with Extra: “I literally read this book,... Read More