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John Mayer reveals why he's still single with just two words

John Mayer has never done it for me. Not his looks, not his singing and for a long time I could not understand what Jennifer Aniston saw in him. Sure it's fun and sexy to date a guy who can sing to you, but that's not enough. I know, to each his own, but I did finally figure it out: he's funny... Read More

Some people think Jason Momoa has a 'Dad Bod' now

Wouldn't you think on Jason's worst day he's still 20 times sexier than the average man? But some are questioning his adonis status after a recent photo of him at the beach saying he looks like he's got a 'dad bod' now. What else could you need on a holiday weekend? Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet... Read More

Naomi Campbell says she can go days without eating

She must not be that interested in food. My mother is like that; she get's annoyed when she has to stop what she's doing because her stomach is telling her 'feed me'! Intermittent fasting has been a thing for a while but this is definitely next level. "I eat when I feel like it,” she said. “I don’t... Read More