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'On The Basis Of Sex' is the true story of the Notorious RBG

Originally Natalie Portman was supposed to play this role and I think I'm the only one who's glad she was replaced by Felicity Jones. For these kinds of biopics, I think it's easier to imagine the younger version of someone real when we're not looking at a face that's immediately recognizable. I've... Read More

Prepare to be blown away by the Mary Queen of Scots Trailer

Women don't get more empowered or inspirational than this. If you think women have a hard time now (and they do) picture what is was like in the 1500's. Only this time, the boys had to listen. This is the trailer for Mary Queen of Scots and it looks fantastic. Considering how much we all adored... Read More

Did newlywed Amy Schumer just announce her pregnancy?

These days lots of people are making important announcements via Instagram. So, when Amy Schumer posted this picture, she got everyone's attention. A post shared by @amyschumer on It does look like she's gesturing to her midsection. And the referenece to "cooking somethin up" sounds very bun-in-the... Read More

JLD looking strong, fit and happy on the beach after chemo.

She lost her father in January of last year. Then in September Julia Louis Dreyfus let everyone know that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. 2017 was just not her best year, but have you seen her lately? She had surgery followed by chemotherapy, but now that's all done. Julia is currently... Read More

Did Maisie Williams just tell us the fate of Arya Stark?!!!

The final season of GOT just wrapped and you already know this if you follow any of the actors still on the show because they have been instagramming their goodbye messages. That's what Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark did. But it looks like she's also given us a major clue regarding Arya's... Read More

Dave Grohl finally realized 'decaf blows.'

How much coffee did you drink this morning? Probably not as much as Dave Grohl. You might remember that several years ago Dave went to the hospital with chest pains. Doctors determined his obsession with caffeine in the form of a serious coffee habit was to blame. He was given instructions to cut... Read More