Adele shows off weight loss in a fabulous pair of trousers. The break up makeover?

June 19, 2019

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It does seem to be a pattern -- you break up with someone and start taking exercise and eating properly more seriously (once you've pulled your head up from that trough of ice cream that was soothing your heartbreak, of course).

You might think Adele has never looked better. She's always, always gorgeous but in these photos, aside from having a slimmer frame, she seems to be glowing from the inside out, right??!!

Well, this was a big night for her. She went to see the Spice Girls perform in London and it's no secret they were a HUGE influence on a very young Adele. It's fun to witness dreams come true. And since Posh is absent from the tour she can pretend it's her!

And, by the way, when have we ever seen her in a pair of trousers.

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Some are saying her weight loss is thanks to work with a pilates reformer, but how would we ever know unless she decides to tell us. But Adele has been gradually losing weight since shortly after the birth of her son so it's been a few years.