Angela Bassett's kids go to public school & she doesn't help with homework

March 18, 2019

Angela went to public school and then went on to Yale undergrad and THEN went back for graduate school a few years later. She was the only person in her family to go to both college and graduate school and since it worked for her, she doesn't see why it shouldn't work for her children as well.

Surprising, right?  Most parents talk about wanting to create a better situation for their kids than they had themselves. So after all her enormous success as an actress, you might expect Angela (and husband Courtney B. Vance!) to send their kids to private school and give them lots of other advantages that she didn't have. Not so.

I've heard that going to Yale for drama school makes a real difference when you get to Los Angeles, like an instant clique. Most people agree that getting the job you want is a lot about networking -- it's who you know, not what you know sometimes.

But Angela clearly worked at making things happen for herself and it seems that she wants her children to earn it, too. How refreshing in this moment.

Now for a little inspiration. When you look at the picture below, remember that Angela once got a C in Physical Education class.