TAKE THE POLL: Are all the wide receivers in the NFL prima donnas, except for DeAndre Hopkins?

September 9, 2019

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It's been an interesting week and a half of choices for Antonio Brown and that got me thinking.

I'm not a football expert but I watch with my husband because it's only fair, since he lets me drag him to chick flicks (also, the tight pants). And I can't help overhear when the boys are going on and on about players and their anitcs. So I've been hearing a lot about Antonio Brown's frost bitten feet, hot air ballooning, letters from the GM, hefty fines, etc. (If you want an almost complete rundown on what happened you can get it here). 

And it's not an entirely unfamiliar story. A few other names came to mind -- Terrell Owens (and I remember really rooting for him to get it together), Dez Bryant, Keyshawn Johnson, Randy Moss (who went to the Patriots after his kerfuffle, what a shock).

And so I asked my husband, "Are all NFL wide receivers prima donnas? Except for DeAndre Hopkins, of course." And he said, "You know what. I think they might be."

DeAndre Hopkins seems different. He's not a loud mouth or a showboat. He works hard and is an actual team player. So, I'd love to know is it just me, or do you agree.

Are all NFL wide receivers prima donnas, except for DeAndre Hopkins?

YES!! Obvi.
68% (13 votes)
Not really. It just seems that way.
32% (6 votes)
Total votes: 19