Andy Murray sobbing into his towel at 3am is the most beautiful thing you will see today.

August 3, 2018

If you don't know much about British tennis player Andy Murray, he's had a rough time lately. Injury to his hip stopped his play last year and he had surgery on it in January of this year. He spent the last several months in rehab and working on healing his body so when he arrived at the CitiOpen in Washington, DC this week it was a big deal. He won his first two matches and then rain delay pushed back his third so when he finished at 3 am this morning he was more than a little drained. But he won the 3 hour match and his reaction is priceless. 

What a beautifully emotional comeback. But his recovery is not done yet. He's already pulled out of the Roger Cup in Toronto set for next week and it makes sense after spending 8 hours on the court this week. No point in pushing the body too far too fast. And I'll bet that's seriously frustrating. So how great is it that he was able to leave it all on the court last night.