Did Maisie Williams just tell us the fate of Arya Stark?!!!

July 9, 2018

The final season of GOT just wrapped and you already know this if you follow any of the actors still on the show because they have been instagramming their goodbye messages. That's what Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark did. But it looks like she's also given us a major clue regarding Arya's fate.

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The thing I'm really zeroing in on is this: #lastwomanstanding#barely

Is she telling us Arya lives and is victorious? I say, yes. Is she telling us Arya goes through an epic struggle, even getting injured before becoming victorious? I say, yes. Is she telling us her sister, Sansa does not survive? I say, yes. Is she telling us Cersei also dies? Oh, yes, yes, yes. But the real question there is, does Arya get to kill her? Remember Cersei has been on Arya's list since the very beginning and I must say it would be deeply satisfying if the creators give us that scene with just the two of them, but who knows. They could easily decide that Jaime gets to kill her and there have been a few hints along the way to suggest exactly that. I'm afraid that she's also telling us that Daenerys, The Mother of Dragons, dies -- which would really be a bummer. Aren't you rooting for her and Jon Snow to marry and live happily ever after?