Bethenny spent Christmas with her new beau (who saved her life)

December 26, 2018

She has a rare seafood allergy and just before the holidays she fell ill after eating some soup. She was in the Boston area with her new beau, Paul Bernon, who quickly called 911. When paramedics arrived they saved her life with an EpiPen.

Bethenny now says she'll never be without one.

You've got to imagine that everything about the holiday season is so much sweeter after a scare like that. Especially a romantic getaway with the sweetheart who stays calm in a crisis and reacts fast.

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Kind of a cutie-pie, right? And while he looks like a 30-something he's actually 41 and has 2 children. Paul lives in the Boston area (not far from where I went to college judging by the choice of hospital) and is a commercial real estate investor and film producer. He studied film at Boston University and got a graduate degree in real estate from NYU. He got started rather early on in his real estate career so it smacks of family money to me, but you never know.