Bill Gates has no idea how much rice costs at the grocery store

February 21, 2018

You and I go to the grocery store every week, but people who have buckets of money do not. They have other people fetch their groceries. So while they may have a handle on the total bill (or at least the monthly bill), they have no idea what individual items cost. Bill Gates is a terrific example.

I'm pretty sure Ellen wouldn't know any of these prices either, if she didn't have that card with all the answers in her hand. When she had Oprah on her show they both admitted they had no idea the last time they were in a grocery store. My husband hates going to the store. It's not my favorite thing either, but I like cooking and to cook well you need good ingredients so I like to be the one choosing the tomatoes and the lettuce leaves, etc.

So the next time you're buying some Tostinos Pizza Rolls, remember you 'have the knowing' of lots of things Bill Gates doesn't.