This guy was just ordered to pay $258K per month in child support.

August 2, 2018

Just so we're clear, that's $3,096,000 million per year. If you don't know who he is, I'm right there with you. Had no idea who 29 year-old Blake Griffin was until I heard about his new child support payments. He plays basketball for Detroit and must be pretty good because his salary was $2.2 million per month in 2016. Add in money from endorsements and investments and the total came to $35 million for the year. That means his former fiancée, Brynn Cameron, will receive approximately 9% of his income to care for their two sons, ages 5 and 2. The money is meant to cover school, medical expenses, and rent on a mansion in California among other things.

Brynn says Blake tossed her out of his house after he started dating someone else (Kendall Jenner, but they're not together anymore) and she only had a hundred bucks to her name. So when he refused to provide her with the financial support he promised, she filed a paternity suit and voilà.

If you ever needed proof that making oodles of money doesn't make you smarter, you've got it now. Why not work out some numbers without the courts getting involved? Don't you imagine that she was probably asking for a whole lot less. This amount of child support payments has got to be some kind of record. Remember when you thought Charlie Sheen paying $105,000 a month to 2 different women was a ton of child support?