Can you guess who shaved her head during this long, hot summer? And I mean all of it.

July 26, 2017

We're funny about our hair -- it's too curly, or not curly enough, or too thin or too dull. And we spend hours trying to get it right and still be comfortable. It's hot as blazes this summer and sometimes pulling your hair up into a bun or a pony doesn't feel cool enough. Have you ever thought of shaving your entire head? Not Brittney Spears style, but a super short buzz cut. Would it be darling on you, or do you feel your weird hairline or head shape would ruin it. Well, she has boldly gone G. I. Jane this summer and it looks great on her.

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Darker for sure, but also cute. And it must be so low maintenance!! Kate Hudson didn't just do this for the fun of it though. It's for a movie role, of course. The film is called Sister and it was written by Sia (who's also directing). Here's a still from the set:

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But have you never been tempted to try this in real life?! Sure you'd get a lot of flack from people and your co-workers would be shocked to say the least, but I think it's kind of tempting. Especially once you start day dreaming about how much simpler your morning routine would be. A good friend of mine recently had chemo and lost all her hair and it looked so precious in the super short growing in stage. I tried to tell her and now it's grown so much more, but she's not having it. All she wants is for it to be shoulder length again. We're funny about our hair.