If you have Type O blood, the Central Texas Blood Bank really needs your help

November 8, 2018

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The Central Texas Blood Bank is in urgent need of type O blood, both negative and positive. The bank is at their lowest supply in years of the universal blood donor type and they are asking for immediate help from donors.

You can learn why they are in need and what you can do to help in this message from We Are Blood:

We Are Blood, the sole provider of blood to Central Texas hospitals and medical facilities, is critically low on the universal blood donor type, O negative, as well as O positive (the most common blood type). They are issuing an urgent call for blood donors at their three Austin area locations or via one of multiple mobile drives taking place this week.

“Our local blood supply has been drained to critical levels due to last weekend’s extraordinary number of stabbings, gunshot wounds and motor vehicle accidents, the victims of which required massive transfusions of O Negative and O Positive blood. As a result, our supply of Type O blood is at the most critical level we’ve seen in many years,” said Marshall Cothran, CEO of We Are Blood. “If there ever was a time we needed the community to step up to donate blood, it’s now.”

People with O negative blood have red blood cells that can be transfused to individuals with any blood type, and because O positive is the most common blood type, both are a vital source of life-saving transfusions during medical emergencies, which is why this local blood shortage is so critical. More than 40 hospitals and medical facilities in a 10-county area depend on the steady supply of blood provided by We Are Blood.

Cothran continued, “We need donations now to rebuild our blood supply so we have enough blood on the shelf when the next trauma victim is wheeled in to the ER. So please, if you are O Negative or O Positive (or you just aren’t sure), come donate blood TODAY or as soon as possible.”

There are three donation locations in the Central Texas area and multiple mobile drives happening this week. Visit weareblood.org to find a donation location nearest you. Donating whole blood generally takes less than an hour and appointments can be made any day of the week. Check locations for hours and days of operation.