Charlize got some baby bangs that you are either going to love or hate.

May 1, 2019

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


Someone was just saying how great her hair looks in this new movie she's in with Seth Rogen, Long Shot. But she changed her do and at first I thought it was a wig, but now I don't think so. 

Bangs are tricky. They can look fun and youthful or they can not. You be the judge.

Getty Images

Still gorgeous, of course, but does she look older with the baby bangs? Or is it my imagination.

Here's what her hair looks like in the movie (though the film actually doesn't look that great I'm sad to say).

I know what you're thinking -- it's the kind of movie that's gonna do better on the couch than in the theater, right? Agreed. And if you're going to try the rom-com thing who better to do that with than Seth Rogen. Also, everything Bob Odenkirk does has me at 'hello.'