Cher dishes on her romance with Tom Cruise and it's delicious!

June 21, 2018

When it comes to stuff like this, I like to think I'm in the know, but I had no idea Cher and Tom once had a thing. It happened in the 80's when she was 39 years old and he was 23. How perfect!

And Cher remembers the experience very fondly, even if she might not remember exactly everything she's said about the relationship in all her many interviews. Years ago Andy Cohen asked her to name the best she'd ever been with and she wouldn't say but she did admit that Cruise was definitely in the top 5.

So the other night James Corden thought he'd try to winkle a little more out of her in what turned out to be a hilarious edition of Spill Your Guts. Skip to the 3:47 mark if you're pressed for time.

Since I was curious, I went looking for more on Cher's relationship with Tom and here's what I found.

Interesting, no? Makes me really want to hear what she has to say about the other 4.

In case you're wondering how they looked together in the 80's: