Chris Martin sent The Krasinski's an email, but they blew him off

January 24, 2020
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Getty Images


It's frustrating when people don't respond at all to an email you've sent. You immediately assume they hated it and so they're ignoring you. But you never even know if they've seen it. Your message could just be sitting there, unread in the inbox sandwiched in between retailer sale notifications.

Chris Martin shared a true tale of an unanswered email on The Ellen Show and it seemed like she wasn't excited to hear it since it hadn't been discussed with her producer first.

My first thought was how does he know he even had the correct email address? Ellen was right, he did hear from John Krasinski. John replied: "I did not get an email from Chris Martin. The man is a world treasure. Are you kidding me?!?!  Emily, what have you done?!?!"

Just like a man to blame his wife.