Sexy Chris Pine will never live down his rap of 'Ice Ice Baby'

January 25, 2019

Chris Pine can normally do no wrong in my eyes, but he really went out on a limb on Jimmy Kimmel. They had a long dicussion about concerts and music and somehow, with very little encouragement Jimmy got Chris to bust out his best Vanilla Ice.

Skip to the 6:40 mark to see the rap:

You gotta love a guy who's not afraid of making a fool of himself on national television. This is part of his press tour for I Am The Night, which is a mini-series aring on TNT. It seems to be inspired by the mystery of the Black Dahlia and Patty Jenkins is directing (remember she did Wonder Woman).

Now if you love you some Chris Pine but would like to get that rap out of your head I have the perfect palate cleanser right here. And you're welcome.