Chris Pine is Missing His Shirt

May 30, 2020

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images


I don't care what kind of shirts Chris Pine wears, I'm willing to steal them all. I'm thinking you will be, too --- especially after seeing this.

Imagine how different the 50 Shades movies would have been if Chris Pine had been cast. He's as sexy as they come, worthy of your lust. Very unlike Jamie Dornan who looks like he's still going through puberty. Big mistake in casting. Huge.

Chris has come a long way since Just My Luck with Lindsay Whats-Her-Face (though it's still a perfectly delightful watch on a Sunday afternoon while doing laundry). But these Armani ads are presenting the fantasy in a way that's as good as it gets, while not taking themselves too seriously at the same time. I hope the laugh at the end is something that happened unintentionally and they loved his reaction so much they had to include it.

Sadly, in real life he's more into overalls than suits. He says they're comfy enough to wear on long haul plane rides since they're not tight and have lots of storage. Sounds just like a guy. Chris is only 37 but has been going gray for a while. Family tradition apparently, his father and grandfather both started graying in their 30's.

Definitely a chip off the old block.

And this is easily one of my favorite things about him, he knows when to say when ....