Chris took Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter to meet the family and it went really well

September 11, 2018

If you're older brother was as active on Insta as Chris Pratt's, you might not like it. Cully Pratt posted SEVERAL pix of the family enjoying a wine tour which included Chris and Katherine and it looked like everyone was having a blast.

Remember they started dating at the beginning of the summer and judging from these photos I'd say it's going real, real well.

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Some of those pictures are downright gorgeous. And there's more!

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Love the idea of a day-cation. It gives you the feeling of a getaway without the hassle and fatigue of air travel. They say when you have new experiences on the weekend it makes if feel like your weekend was longer that just 2 short days. This place looks so beautiful it makes me want to go.

Can you see these two getting married? Me, too, and that would be a terrific wedding.

Okay, this is from a couple years ago, but it's another adorable reason to love you some Chris Pratt so take a look. It's short and it will make you laugh, out loud, as you sit alone at your computer making you look like a loon. Totally worth it.