Guess who's getting married again?

January 14, 2019

Chris Pratt just announced his engagement to Arnold & Maria's daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

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My guess is this happened at Christmastime, in front of her whole family. Not my favorite way for guys to propose (I think one-on-one makes more sense since it's really about the two of you) but you are marrying into the family, too, so I get it. Here's how we know it happened a while ago.

They seem like a really good fit and the word is Katherine's mother, Maria Shriver, introduced them, so that's definitely good juju. The engagement watch has been on these two for a while now because they seemed in it to win it from the outset. Plus, the split from his ex-wife Anna Faris seems very grown-up and amicable. They are co-parenting their 6 year-old son Jack and Katherine met him pretty early in the relationship.

I can't wait for someone to ask him on camera how he feels about having Arnold Schwarzenegger as his father-in-law, who is 71 years old by the way. Chris has such a good sense of humor he probably really likes the guy. And given Arnold's marital missteps who is he to preach anyway.

Odds are they're planning a summer wedding and a fall pregnancy. Well done!