Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons is back with his wife and they're expecting baby no. 4!

April 3, 2019

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Stella Artois


If you've seen the HBO documentary Believer, you may feel like you know them quite well. They share a lot of themselves in that moving film and you'll be glad to know that after separating, Dan Reynolds and his wife, Aja Volkman, have reconciled. But that's not their only piece of good news. Dan said:

“I’ve been on the road for a decade now. I’m looking to take a little bit of time off. I have three little girls, and well, I have one on the way. I actually haven’t told anybody that. There it is. The news is out. We just found out we’re having a boy [in] October. I was talking to my wife the other day, and, by the way, there’s so much news to tell you today, so boy on the way, my wife and I have gotten back together, we went through a separation for a little while, so clear that up. So I have to be public to let people know we are back together.”

As you might expect he was hoping for a boy, but he didn't share that with his wife because he didn't want to be that guy. Dan also said that this baby would probably be the last one for his family.

He's such a relatable guy you can't help but root for him. If you haven't seen Believer, I highly recommend it. Dan has some things to say about shame that might really strike a chord for you.