Ed Sheeran goes to concerts dressed as Spiderman so no one bothers him. Really.

September 5, 2019

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When you're super-famous and beloved it must be hard to do any of the regular stuff we take for granted, like going to a live show.

Ed Sheeran likes a live performance just as much as the rest of us -- maybe more, considering -- but how can he soak up the energy of the crowd and enjoy the show without being mobbed by adoring fans? Simple, he gets dressed up as Spiderman and no one is the wiser.

Ed even admitted that he went up to a couple of his fans when he spotted them wearing shirts with his name, and 'they told him to go away.' Let that be a lesson to us all next time we're at a show and your friend says, 'Dude, look at that weirdo in the full on Spiderman suit.'

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