Listen to what happened when Elizabeth got so mad at Barbara she tried to quit during a commercial

April 5, 2019

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


It's rare you ever get to actually hear verbatim something this dishy. We all have disagreements at work and sometimes we even lose our cool. But, when it happens during live TV there's an element of drama that gets everyone's attention.

This exchange is a great learning experience in perspective because you probably won't see this as Barbara scolding Elizabeth on air. But Elizabeth was embarrassed and clearly felt she'd been getting the horns during other meetings so she got really mad and expressed herself. Very explicity. This is NSFW so make sure you have some headphones if you’re trying to listen at work.

This happened in August of 2006 and Elizabeth stayed on The View for 7 more years so she clearly figured out how to navigate her frustrations and manage up. Incidentally, Elizabeth and Whoopi were the only two who did not agree to be interviewed for Ladies Who Punch (the behind-the-scenes book on The View that everyone is talking about).