Face of an angel, no doubt, but wait til you see her shoes.

March 7, 2018

Dior is trying to make the most awful pair of shoes 'happen.' And they need to stop inflicting fashion fails on us. It's hard enough for us regular people to look smart without terrible influences like this. Charlize has a contract with Dior so she may not have as much say in what she wears as one would think. And last night at the Los Angeles premier for Gringo (which I cannot wait to see, btw) she looked phenomenal in a crisp, white suite by Dior. Until your eyes worked their way down to her shoes.

See what I mean. Great suit, seriously weird shoes.

Fishnet covering what looks like a perfectly lovely gold sandal. Ugh. These shoes ruin the whole look for me, especially since she's wearing white. If the suit were black I don't think I would hate them as much, but they would still be my very last choice. And since I know you now need a palette cleanser, please enjoy the NSFW redband trailer for Gringo because A. we are grown ups and B. it looks like a terrific ride.