Get a close-up view of Scarlett's giant, brown diamond engagement ring

July 23, 2019

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You can see as she waves in this photo that the band of the ring is black and, yes, the diamond is light brown. Champagne colored sounds nicer but whatever you call it this is definitely non-traditional.

And why not. This is her third marriage so she's already had 2 traditional enagagement rings: the first was a classic round solitaire and the second was a vintage art deco ring.

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost got engaged in May and this is the first close up glimpse we've had of her ring, which is 11 carats and seems to be a cross between two different shapes -- according to Page Six.

“Scarlett’s 11-carat, light brown diamond looks to be a spin on two stone shapes, mixing an oval and pear to create an elegant egg shape. We can estimate a ring like this to be priced over $400,000,” Alicia Davis, Shane Co.‘s VP of Merchandise, told Page Six Style.

“Scarlett’s ring, though truly one-of-a-kind in style and design, is a great reflection of the elongated shape trend that we’re seeing with everyday brides,” Davis added. “Ovals and pear shapes are two of the most popular right now because of the way they lengthen the finger, creating a more slender finger and larger-looking diamond.” Jewelry site The Adventurine reported that the unique design, which features a black band at the base of the stone, is likely the work of Taffin‘s James de Givenchy, the nephew of legendary designer Hubert de Givenchy.

It kind of reminds me of an egg and looks like it might be rather comfortable to wear. And you gotta think if the ring is this different, what's the wedding going to be like?!

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11 cts light brown diamond, type 2A.

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