This is why getting fired is always a good thing

June 4, 2019

A friend was fired from a job she loved today and she's feeling sad, confused, and mad all at the same time. A perfectly normal reaction, in my opinion.

There's really nothing I can say that will make her feel better but I did remind her that getting fired is a good thing, too. She looked at me like I was an idiot. Also, normal considering she's feeling like a failure and won't be able to start clearing her head until some time passes.

Then she can begin to think about a new future --- because that's what we're forced to do when we get invited to (permanently) leave the party. Getting fired is the universe telling you that you're no longer on the right path for your highest good. It's a course correction that's going to change your trajectory for the better.

It doesn't feel that way, of course. And that doesn't mean it will be easy. Not knowing how you're going to get your cheeseburgers is scary and stressful. Someone once told me God never closes a door without opening a window somewhere, but it's hell in the hallway. But, it IS temporary. You might struggle but it's guaranteed that you'll emerge from all the disappointment and anger in a much better situation.