Stuff like this is exactly the reason people hate Gwyneth

September 10, 2018

Gwyneth Paltrow agreed to be featured in a new thing Bazaar is doing where they film various celebs nighttime before bed routine. Kind of an interesting concept and could be helpful if somone recommends a sleeper of a face cream (since us ladies are always on the lookout for good skincare that won't cost the mortgage). But you count on Gwyneth to turn her segment into an ad for all her overpriced goop stuff.

Don't you love how she goes into such detail about what's in the goop tubs and when it comes to the Vintner's Daughter serum all we get is 'it's full of all kinds of fantastic things.' If you wanted to duplicate this regimen it would cost you over $500 for all the products, but let's not focus on the money.

Who has this kind of time to pamper themselves every night??! From the dry skin brushing to the scalp scrub (which sounds painful and hard to rinse out) to everything exfoliation (which seems like way too much) and you have yet to moisturize or even brush your teeth -- you've already quadrupled your time in the bathroom. And if you did have that much time, wouldn't you rather be doing anything else like reading that book you never have time for, or relaxing in front of a good show, or sleeping!

The other thing that distracted me so much from what she was saying was her stringy hair. All I could think was how badly she needs a massive trim. Of all the wonderful things she's inherited, good hair was not one of them. And don't you often get the feeling she's trying to make it more than it is. Not uncommon among those of us who were born with thin hair and, of course, the thing to do to make thin hair look fuller and healthier is to get it cut in a way that flatters. Remember when Gwyneth was dating Brad Pitt and they sort of had matching dos? Think of her hair in SE7EN, Sliding Doors and even A Perfect Murder. That cut was super cute on her! Play to your strengths.

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