Halle Berry eats super hot wings during interview and makes it look easy

June 18, 2019

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images


As far as I can tell, she didn't take a sip of water or milk during the entire thing. Mucho impressive.

Halle Berry was on Hot Ones, which is a YouTube show that feeds famous people increasingly spicy chicken wings as they interview. After you see it you'll be thinking how has this not been a thing before! Also, you're going to really want to eat a plate of wings.

The show is also good because they ask questions that are more interesting than the usual tidbits. For instance, she revealed she remembers almost nothing about the night she won her Oscar because she got trashed.

And Halle is a complete sport through it all! In fact, she doesn't start to visibly sweat until about the 16 minute mark.