Is he already married?!!

February 20, 2018

Do you see a ring on this finger? Okay, good, I don't either, but take a look at this video from a performance last night.

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That looks an awful lot like a gold wedding band on his left hand. Could it be an engagement ring? For sure. He got engaged to long time girlfriend Cherry Seaborn over the New Year's holiday but isn't getting married in secret totally something Ed would do?!! What if the engagement announcement was a smokescreen for the fact that they've already secretly wed! I love that idea so much I hope it's true. Just last week we were talking about Amy Schumer's confidential nuptials and what a coup it is anytime someone super famous pulls off a secret wedding. A few that come to mind are Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem, Rachel Wiesz & Daniel Craig, and Gwyneth & Chris Martin.

More men are wearing engagement rings than in generations before, but it's by no means a widespread trend. Let's take a closer look at that band of gold.

What are you thinking? That looks like marriage to me.