Here's Why Ben Does Not Like How He Looks in Pap Photos

December 15, 2017

Whenever I tell my mom I don't like how I look in a certain photo, she says, "That's just one moment in time, and that's how you looked." Then she says, "Trust me, in 10 years you're going to think that picture is beautiful."

Ben Affleck doesn't like how he looks in pap photos and he thinks the fotogs are to blame. In a recent interview for Men's Journal he said, 'They try to pick the one where you look the most bloated and grotesque.' Yeah, okay, perhaps, but let's be real a moment. As of late, Ben has not been looking his superman best. For example this is Ben in February and March of 2016:

He's looking right fit, isn't he. He's still in what I like to call Batman shape. But, like the rest of us, Ben does not like to live on fish and kale alone. So this year, he's looking bloated because he is actually bloated. We get it. Same thing happens to us after a really fun night out. And there's no shame in it either. No one looks their very best every day (except maybe for Kate Beckinsale). So without 3 liters of water per day, the rainbow of vegetables, lean protein and massive workouts this is the Ben Affleck we see:



He really does know fotogs are not to blame for "why he's so fat and out of shape" as he puts it in the interview. In fact, he goes on to say that he "just avoids mirrors altogether. And occasionally, I catch a glimpse of this, like, strange, unshaven, middle-aged man. And I don’t recognize him at all. I’m horrified when I realize that actually the huge, shuffling, gray-haired homeless guy is me." At least with a little photoshop, he gets to look like this:

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