He's gone today, but last night Chris Cornell performed Black Hole Sun in Detroit. Watch it here with a box of tissues.

May 18, 2017

Last night at The Fox Theater in Detroit MI, Chris Cornell performed Black Hole Sun for the last time. It was just the next stop on the tour for Soundgarden and its's their most recognized song to this day. In the mid 90's, a rebellious and tremendously athletic Canadian figure skater set that community on its ear when he skated a moving exhibition performance to Black Hole Sun at the World Figure Skating Champions Gala. Elvis Stojko changed the way a lot of people looked at figure skating after that. Take a look.


Chris Cornell said it took him about 15 minutes to write Black Hole Sun and he really didn't think the band was going to like it. His rich, raw vocals gave that song all its power. And if you got the chance to see it performed live, you're lucky. Details are still coming, but we now know that Chris hanged himself in his hotel room in Detroit after this concert was over.

Here's Chris' final performance of that song.