Hoda Kotb on the one 'thing people say that is the most true'

February 22, 2019

Trying to find a photo of Hoda where she's not grinning ear to ear is actually impossible. She seems like genuinely enthusiastic and joyful person. And she has to get up at an ungodly hour each morning so that's really saying something.

She was talking to Jimmy Fallon about her now 2 year-old daughter, Hayley, and she said, "The thing people say that I believe is the most true is 'you blink and it goes like that [snaps her fingers]. You have to hang in the moments and I've been trying to do that more."

So true and often so hard to do. Children change so quickly right in front of your eyes, especially in that first year. But this is good advice for everyone because time really does travel fast. Except when you're 8 years-old and you're waiting for Christmas to come; then time ticks on slower than a snail on the sidewalk.

Here's her full interview. It's a joy to watch.