I made Ina Garten's Weeknight Bolognese and it was magnificent

November 28, 2018

So you may have heard I bucked Thanksgiving tradition and made braised lamb shanks instead of turkey. So I had a couple shanks leftover and decided to use it in The Barefoot Contessa's Weeknight Bolognese.

If you're like me you've never made a proper bolognese because it takes too long. Well, this one does not and it's absolutely scrumptious.

You can find the recipe here and it really could not be easier (another reason I love The Contessa -- you don't have to be professionally trained to make her stuff!)

I made a few tweaks (obvi, since I was using leftover lamb) and not ground beef so I added that towards the end just to get it good and warm. Also, instead of 1/4 cup heavy cream I used strained, full fat goat's milk yogurt. It worked like a charm. Goat milk dairy is a little easier on the digestion so we always have some in the house and I like a thicker yogurt so I keep it in the fridge in a strainer and it takes on the consistency of Greek yogurt that you buy in the store. I also swapped red pepper flakes for cayenne pepper and used more. We like it spicy!

The last tweak was I didn't use orecchiette or even real pasta. This is Cappello's grain-free fettucine. It's made from almond flour, but it tastes as good as the real thing. Seriously! I've tried plenty of pastas made from other stuff, but the problem is they taste like the other stuff they're made from. Not Cappello's. First time I made it I didn't tell my husband until after the meal and he was gobsmacked!

Either way, you're going to love this recipe. And, if you're an Ina Garten superfan, she's coming to Austin in February.