I'm deeply proud of my braised lamb shanks but they're so easy anyone can make them

November 26, 2018

ID 50813757 © Darryl Brooks | Dreamstime.com


Braising anything is always easy because it's just simmering away on your stove for the bulk of the cooking time.

The key to a good braise, I think, is getting a good sear on the meat first. Anne Burrell always talks about how 'brown food tastes good' and so far I have not found her to be wrong. So turn on the vent fan and approach your pan without fear!

After you sear these babies, add the onion and BBQ sauce mixed with water, lower heat to a simmer, cover and go do you for 2 hours. It helps if you check on it and baste ever so often, but that's not a must. Best of all, you can make these a day or two ahead of time and heat in the over or stove before chow time.

And all you need are 5 ingredients:

4 to 6 lamb shanks

2 Tbsp oil for searing (I used avocado oil)

1 cup BBQ sauce of your choosing (made my own this time)

1 cup water

1 medium onions, sliced

It's so easy and so delicious people will think you deserve a slot on The Food Network. It works with any BBQ sauce you like, but I did make my own sauce this time, which has a sweet potato puree base instead of tomato and a lot less sugar. If you're interested in that recipe, ping me @julietonair and I'll post it. Also, I made twelve of theses beauties so I doubled the recipe and basted every 20 minutes or so. You can thicken the sauce by letting it cook uncovered for 15 minutes more, but if you're making it ahead that will naturally happen when you reheat.

Heaven on a plate!