INXS' Concert Film From 1991 is Getting A Lot Of Attention Now And Rightfully So

July 17, 2020

Patrick Riviere/ Getty Images


Their manager, CM Murphy, came up with this plan to film INXS at London's Wembley Stadium just days before the concert in July 1991. Bold, I know.

Director, David Mallet, agreed to do it but it had to be shot on 35mm film and he needed 16 cameras plus a helpicopter.  Now the film has been meticulously restored from the original 35mm negative to 4K Ultra HD as well as remixed and remastered. It was filmed in front of 72,000 fans 29 years ago yesterday.

Murphy says, " I would love to put a room full of today's musicians, bands, and artists in front of that gig -- there would be a lot of wake up calls. The era before phones where the band just had to get up and give it their all - there was no bulls--t."

Michael Hutchence voice sounds absolutely amazing live. Watching him in that moment it would have been impossible to believe he would be dead 6 years later. Buy the DVD for the INXS fan in your life and they'll love you forever.