It takes a seriously confident man to wear pants like these in public.

June 1, 2018

I think it's no secret that I believe Chris Pine to be the best of all the Chrises. He is far and away the sexist one, in my opinion. And for one so sexy, it's interesting to me that he's not afraid to wear some hideous clothes, especially in his quest to be comfy on a plane. One of his favorite travel choice is overalls -- which from a fashion perspective does no one any favors; I don't care how fit you are. 

But he whipped out this little number at LAX earlier today and one can only assume that he's headed someplace tropical, no?

It takes a confident man to wear patterned pajama bottoms in an airport. And the flip flops are the icing on the cake. Never my favorite footwear for a man, unless he's on the beach. That's where it makes perfect sense. But a man's best feature is never going to be his feet, so please spare us.

He knew he was likely to be papped and clearly didn't care, which is another thing that makes him appealing. But, for the record I prefer my crushes in a pair of jeans, when they are not missing a shirt.