It was Adele's "Dirty 30" birthday bash and what she wore will make you laugh!

May 7, 2018

"Dirty 30" is her description, not mine, and I totally love it. Makes me want to turn 30 all over again. Cinco de Mayo is not just the day to celebrate Mexico's victory over France, it's also Adele's birthday and she threw herself a fête to remember. The theme was the movie Titanic and just look at her dress for the night.

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How much do you love this?!!! She looks just like Kate Winslet's character, Rose -- the hair is a spot on match and I love that she went the extra mile to get all the details right. Makes sense to go all out when you have those kind of resources. Looks like it was a great night and now I have to wonder ..... what do you think she'll do for '40 and Fabulous'?