J Law wants to hang up her gowns and milk a goat. Which is a lot more fun than you might think.

November 27, 2017

If you've never milked a goat, you can't judge. If you have, then you know how soft a goat's teets are -- much softer than a cow. And there are only 2 of them. So you don't have to worry about switching off. It's enormously satisfying to see the fruits of your labor in the form of a big pail of goat milk. Plus, goats can be sweet, even effectionate. Especially the babies and they are remarkably good climbers!

Wouldn't you like to get away from your own life for a while and spend some time outside with these cuties?! Jennifer Lawrence works quite a lot, making about 3 movies a year. Okay, so that sounds better than your job but I bet she's just as tired as you....for different reasons. And, she just broke up with her 'much-too-old-for-her' boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky, which makes it the perfect time to change her scenery.

 If only we all made so much money at our jobs that we could afford take a year (or more) off when we needed it. Imagine what it might be like to leave all your obligations behind and go live on a sprawling farm with lots and lots of space, wildflowers, an herb garden, homegrown tomatoes and, of course, goats.

Call me crazy but I think Jennifer's onto something.