Jada Pinkett Smith was once so unhappily married, she cried for 45 days in a row

October 15, 2018

Everyone knows being married takes work, but it's a brave individual who will admit to you how miserably unhappy he/she has felt at some point while married.

And given the amount of gossip that has always surrounded Jada and Will Smith's marriage, it's a pretty bold move to shine the spotlight on exactly how tough it's been at times.

This preview of Jada's Red Table Talk reminds me of a line from Dinner With Friends. (Terrrific movie by the way so DO see it if you haven't). Dennis Quaid is lunching with best friend Greg Kinnear who's left his wife for another woman and tells him, "Marriages all go through a base line wretchedness from time to time, but we do what we can to ride those patches out."

Anyone who says she never fights or gets annoyed with her spouse is either lying, or doesn't live with him! There's a reason why being married and not living in the same city has become kind of a trend.

It's great when people are willing to open themsleves up like this; we can all relate to what it's like to be in a long-term relationship and it's great to have a chance to learn something that might be helpful in real life.