Seeing Jane Seymour in a one-piece is going to get you to the gym

January 10, 2019

She's going to be 68 years old next month and has a physique that plenty of twenty-somethings would envy.

Shut the front door.

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You'll be glad to hear Jane Seymour is not saying how effortless it is to look like this. She works at it hard and consistently, mostly with Pilates. She's not intimidated by the Gyrotonic machine, she knows how to use it. Jane is also a fan of isometrics, yoga, and loves to play golf.

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I know what you're thinking ---- if you had a backyard like that you'd be doing yoda everyday without fail.

Jane has also sworn off the Botox. She said, "I tried Botox but didn't like it. I could see it in my face and I can see it in other people too ... I'd rather be the best I can be at the age I'm at." She's right. Instead of making people look younger or well-rested, most of the time it just looks like they got Botox.

Now, if you're a fan of Wedding Crashers you'll love this. Jane talks about that infamous Kitty-Cat scene and dishes on the behind-the-scenes details of filming that moment. Skip ahead to the 2:22 mark.