Jennie Garth said no to joining the Beverly Hills Housewives and Tori Spelling is "really sad" she wasn't even asked

August 5, 2019

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


Tori Spelling has never been invited to join the cast of The Housewives of Beverly Hills and she doesn't understand why. Growing up the way she did, you could argue that Tori is the quintessential Beverly Hills housewife.

The show lost me ages ago because it's now so ridiculous it feels like it's sucking my valuable time instead of being a guilty pleasure. But if they brought Tori in, I would watch again.

Check out Tori's honest reaction to finding out they asked Jennie Garth. I hope Andy Cohen sees this.

Drama does seem to follow Tori everywhere she goes. With Tori in the cast they wouldn't have to manufacture fake and annoyingly petty grievances. Instead they would have the drama baked right in!