Jenn on being named People's Most Beautiful--'I don't think my parents ever said, "You're pretty."

April 24, 2019

Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for MAKERS


If there's one person we see as beautiful on the inside and out, it's Jennifer Garner. But now that she's been named People Magazine's most beautiful person for 2019 it seems like she's the only one who doesn't get it. Here's a highlight from the interview:

Garner insists her own style could initially be described as “band geek-chic,” she says, laughing. “I was so not one of the pretty girls that I just bypassed insecurity and didn’t see myself as attractive at all. It was not part of my life.” Yet the actress was grateful to her family for keeping her so grounded. “I felt good about myself back then! That is the lucky trick,” she adds.

“Looks weren’t a big deal in my family. I don’t think my parents ever said ‘You’re pretty’ and so we just didn’t think about it.” When she doesn’t need to be red-carpet ready, Garner admits her “uniform” more often than not is workout clothes. “I try so hard to get out of [them>,” she says. “But sometimes the day just doesn’t give you a break to shower and put on my other uniform, which is jeans, a sweater and sneakers.”

A perfect example of why we all love her so much! She's just like us and makes us feel that if we ever got to meet her in real life we would be total besties. In fact, I've actually narrowed it down to 3 specific reasons why we love her unconditionally. Listen to her talking about it to Ellen:

And because you won't find a post of this on her Insta page (except for a super quick acknowledgement in her stories that says, 'I know, I can't believe it either.')

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