It's looking like Jennifer Lawrence got married at City Hall

September 17, 2019

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


But she's still gonna have an awesome wedding, most likely out of the country.

When you get married someplace fabulous like Italy or France or the Seychelles you may not be automatically married back home in the USA. There can be a tangle of paperwork involved, depending on the country, so lots of folks just truck on over to the JOP and get it done the old fashioned way first. Then they can have a gorgeous wedding wherever and not worry about anything else but the planning.

And that's what I suspect is happening with Jennifer Lawrence and her artist beau, Cooke Maroney. They were spotted at City Hall with security, a witness and a high fashion fotog --- the marriage before the wedding. She wore a grey blazer and he a white long sleeved t-shirt.

So chances are good they'll be jetting off to someplace fancy soon.