Get a good look at Jennifer Lopez's gigantic engagement ring

March 11, 2019

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Not one to be accused of being understated, Jennifer Lopez's 4th engagement ring is everything you would expect and more.

People are estimating that the emerald cut stone is approximately 15-carats. To put that into perspective, Prince Rainier gave Grace Kelly an 11-carat emerald cut stone when they got engaged in 1956.

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Emerald cut stones have to be high clarity because imperfections are easily visible which means this had to set Alex Rodriguez back more than a few doubloons. That's okay, it's only money.

But, the shape of a woman's engagement stone can say a lot about her personality. If you want to know what women who are attracted to emerald shaped stones have in common click here.

Here's a photo of Grace Kelly's engagement ring. Which do you like better?

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