Jessica Biel confesses she was 'not a huge fan' of NSYNC

October 23, 2019

Getty Images


Jimmy Fallon surprised Jessica with a very old interview where she was asked if she liked music by NSYNC and the answer is pretty priceless.

After trying to make it sound like it wasn't as though she didn't like the music, she was just busy listening to other stuff -- Jimmy brings out an interview from 1999 and the jig is up.

Skip ahead to the 1:30 mark if you're short on time. I also think it's hilarious that since marrying Justin Timberlake she has not bothered to listen to any NSYNC songs. It's okay. We're not judging.

Well, maybe we are judging the "hanging out in Italy somewhere" comment (cuz, elitist much?) but not her music choices.