John Cena explaining what a mix tape is to Hailee Steinfeld is the best thing you'll hear today

January 8, 2019

Hailee Steinfeld is 22 and could not be more adorable. She and 41 year old John Cena are on the press tour for Bumblebee when the subject of mix tapes came up.

Now you might think that anyone who's seen Guardians of the Galaxy would understand the beauty of a mix tape is but Hailee seems genuinely interested in learning more. And John gives such a good explanation the presenter is hoping he'll explain more stuff. It's kind of precious.

Skip to the 3:22 mark.

Also, I love the very appropriate distance John keeps from Hailee in this photo. There were a few pictures of them standing together and they all had him keeping to a respectably safe amount of space. It's really cute.