John Mayer reveals why he's still single with just two words

July 16, 2019

John Mayer has never done it for me. Not his looks, not his singing and for a long time I could not understand what Jennifer Aniston saw in him. Sure it's fun and sexy to date a guy who can sing to you, but that's not enough.

I know, to each his own, but I did finally figure it out: he's funny. Funny goes a long way. Funny will land a beautiful woman when handsome doesn't.

He recently posted himself singing as a tease for his new tour and people loved it.

One fan who was clearly taken with his performance asked, 'Why are you still single?' And John's response was funny and true. He said, 'Google me.'

Loose lips sink ships and no woman wants to date a fella who can't keep private. Remember when he referred to Jessica Simpson as 'sexual napalm.' And all those rants where he went on and on to TMZ about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

Well, at least at 41 years-old he knows his weakness and he's got a sense of humor about it!