Judge Judy reveals the 1 thing a father can do daily to help his daughter be successful.

June 14, 2018

She knows a thing or two about success. Judge Judy makes $45 million a year. Yes, that is like winning the lottery. Her show is wildly popular and it's all because of her. Lots of other judgey type shows have tried to duplicate her success, but they can't.

And given all the experience she's had dealing with people from all walks of life, she has some advice for every father of a daughter:

“Every successful woman I know had a father who adored her. My father applauded my victories and minimized my defeats. I wanted to please him and make him proud of me. I hope he’s smiling."

There's just no substitute for flat-out good parenting, right? Maybe one day your daughter will be in the position to name her salary and get it. That's what Judge Judy does every 3 years. The secret negotiations were made public in a deposition last year. Here's how she explained the dinner she has with the President of CBS:

“We sit across the table, and I hand him the envelope and I say, ‘Don’t read it now, let’s have a nice dinner. Call me tomorrow. You want it, fine. Otherwise, I’ll produce it myself.” 

She says one year the CBS President brought his own envelope and she told him, "This isn't a negotiation."

 Wow. That's the dream.

 Oh, and for the record -- I'd like to be carried around by Shaquille O'Neal at a ball game one day, too.